Photoblog: Barunga Field School 2016, Day Four

Sunday 10/07/2016

On the fourth day of the field school, the team reunited and visited Doria Guduluk, one of the most important rock art sites in this region. The students took part in rock art recording, learning photogrammetry of art panels and producing scale drawings of individual motifs. Some of the students also helped to produce a site plan and cross-section of the rockshelter using the Total Station.

We were joined by several community members, who are Gitjan (Owners) and Junggayi (Custodians) of this place. They were able to share their knowledge about particular motifs with the group as well as discuss the uses of this place.

During the evening, we showed a short documentary produced by Claire Smith in 1992 called Junggayi: Caring for Country. In this documentary, several Jawoyn Elders, who have now passed away, demonstrated the traditional checks and balances the Elders used to police and administer their Country, whereby the Senior Gitjan (Traditional Owner) would rely on the Junggayi (Custodians) to care for Country, and thr Junggayi would need to seek permission from the Gitjan to perform certain tasks. It was a symbiotic structuring system that worked to uphold Law and ensure everything happened the right way, with the right permissions.

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