Students will be expected to:

Behavioural Protocols at Barunga Community

•    Remember, we are guests of the Barunga community, above all. Participants should comply with all reasonable requests from members of the community.  If in doubt about anything at all, ‘ASK FIRST’.

•    Appropriate behaviour is expected and respect must be shown to all, both community members and other participants in the field trip.

•    An important part of teamwork is getting on with other members of the team, even if you do not agree on everything.  It is important to be pleasant company, even if you are hot and tired, and to carry your own weight in terms of camp chores.

•    You are encouraged to take personal photographs.  However, you will need to get permission to take photographs of the community, or of community people.  You will not be allowed to photograph culturally sensitive material. As a general rule, photos of friends, general landscapes or supervisors bogged in the mud are okay.  ‘ASK FIRST’ is the appropriate action before taking photographs.

•    Photos should not be posted on the internet or on social media without permission.

•    No alcohol or recreational drugs will be consumed for the duration of the field trip.

•    No alcohol or recreational drugs will be brought into the community – this includes unopened bottles, cartons, etc. that are being “saved for later”.

•    It is important to dress appropriately for the conditions, both in terms of OH&S requirements and in deference to cultural norms. For example, long skirts or long trousers/shorts and long sleeves should be worn at all times in preference to short shorts, cropped tops and tight fitting clothing.

•    You will be allocated times on the food preparation and kitchen cleaning rosters.  Please treat your cooking chores as an opportunity to improve the quality of everyone’s day.

•    No artefacts can be collected.

•    For safety in the field you should not leave their group without first notifying a university supervisor.  You should normally leave with a companion.  Whilst in the community you are encouraged to walk around with someone else.  This is especially important for women.  To fit in with community norms, you would normally walk with someone of your own gender.

•    It is VERY important to remember that estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles can inhabit waterways of the region, so please observe all safety precautions/signs around waterways.

•    No ‘bush tucker’ is to be eaten without first checking with Barunga Elders or Flinders University field supervisors.  Some plants in the region are toxic.

•    These protocols are to ensure the safety and comfort of participants in what can be remote and potentially dangerous areas.  Therefore, people failing to comply with these field trip behavioural guidelines may be asked to leave the field school at their own cost.