Photoblog: Barunga Field School 2016, Day Two

Friday 08/07/2016

On the second day we visited Narritj Bumbalum, another rockshelter and art site near Beswick. We practiced rock art photography and heard stories about the art and the site in general.The site is situated on the (croc free) Waterhouse River and we had time for a quick swim during our time there.

Towards the end of the day, we conducted a team building exercise under the direction of Irene. Pañuelito (translated to ‘little tissue’) is a Spanish game where you have to run and grab the handkerchief when your number is called. You have to get the handkerchief back over your line before you get tackled by your opponent. In short: lots of fun and now everyone is relaxed and comfortable with each other.

On our way back to the cars, we visited a stone tool production site where students learnt about lithic identification. There are literally thousands of stone tools here, but we must make our way back to Barunga as it is getting dark. The benefit of this is that the students got to see a water buffalo (a rare site for people not from ‘the north’).

We had a relatively quiet evening resting up around the campfire, looking at the photos from our day with Nell and other community members.

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